Entirely too many students give up on the scholarship search each year. They believe that their average or below-average GPAs will keep them from being eligible. They don’t think their essay writing skills are up to par. They think that the competition is too stiff and that they’ll never get any scholarship money with so many genius students out there out-performing them. Well, if you’re thinking of giving up and going straight for student loans, you might want to check out some of these exceptional weird scholarships that you thought never existed!

  • Tall Clubs International Scholarship – Are you a woman over 5’10” or a man over 6’2”, you’re eligible to apply for this height-based college scholarship.
  • Stuck at Prom – Creative students can win college cash by making their prom outfits out of duct tape and submitting pictures of the final product to Duck Tape’s Stuck at Prom® scholarship.
  • Excellence in Predicting the Future Award – If you can predict the market and have an interest in studying economics, you could win $400 to pursue your dreams.
  • National Marbles Tournament – Are you between the ages of eight and fourteen and good at marbles? You could be eligible to win $1000-2000 for your college fund.
  • National Rifle Association YES Scholarship – You don’t have to actually shoot a rifle or any other gun to win up to $30,000 in financial aid. You just have to be accepted to the NRA Youth Education Summit.

You can find these among the 45 world’s weirdest college scholarships , but that’s not your only source for strange scholarships that have interesting and very unique requisites and applications. ScholarshipChart.com also has a list of very unusual college scholarships, as well.

Among these, you’ll find the American Board of Funeral Services Education National Scholarship, the National Potato Council Scholarship and the Nickels for Notes Scholarship.

Why Look for Weird Scholarships?

These scholarships seem really off-the-wall, but they each present a really interesting opportunity for the right student. For example, if you are interested in funeral services, you might never have thought that there’s a scholarship created just for your major and your field. Weird scholarships represent a really great niche of opportunity. When you look at these scholarships, you begin to realize that there really is a funding opportunity out there for everyone.

Even if none of these applies to you and your major specifically, you should still take some inspiration from them. Go to your favorite scholarship search engine, and start typing in some of the more interesting keywords associated with your major. You can even go to Google and search for those keywords and “college scholarship”. You might be surprised at what you find.

Expressing Your Creativity Without an Essay

A lot of these weird scholarships also present opportunities to students who might otherwise give up on the scholarship hunt because they don’t require essays. Many students have a great deal creativity and drive, but they struggle to describe and express these qualities in the form of a traditional five-paragraph essay.

If you can create a beautiful dress out of duct tape or you can show you care for your community through service, you are just as deserving of funding opportunities as anyone who can write a stellar scholarship essay.

Grades Aren’t Everything

Likewise, you may have lower grades than most traditional college scholarships require. This can sometimes reflect issues you had early on in high school, or it can reflect anxiety over taking a test, but it doesn’t always reflect you as a student. By looking into these weird scholarships, you have a better chance of finding a funding opportunity that won’t require you to go back in time and make yourself study harder for a higher GPA.

Your Interests Could Fund Your College Career

And, if you have a unique interest or hobby, you might want to look into scholarships related to it. There are scholarships associated with all kinds of niche hobbies, activities, sports, and causes, and if you search for them in a scholarship database, you’re likely to come up with some interesting results that could help you fund your college career.

There’s Not as Much Competition for Weird Scholarships

Finally, you should consider weird scholarships because they usually don’t have as much competition as more mainstream, traditional scholarships. Basically, because they reside in their own niches, most people don’t know about them and therefore don’t know to apply for them. With less competition, you have more chances of getting the funding you need to get through college without crippling student loans. Check out these and other weird scholarships and see if one fits you and your funding needs.

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