When you think of college scholarships, you probably think of writing essays or submitting portfolios. You think of transcripts listing all of your grades and reference letters from your teachers and/or school counselor.

If your grades aren’t spectacular or you don’t have a lot of extracurricular activities, like varsity sports or academic clubs, to add to your scholarship applications, you might be thinking that it’s not even worth applying. However, seasonal campaign scholarships like the ones run by DoSomething.org give you unique opportunities to set yourself apart from the crowd and get a better chance to win a college scholarship.

What Are Seasonal Campaign Scholarships?

Your grades don’t necessarily reflect you as a student. Your transcript won’t necessarily show that you had a bad year, you took a couple of years to settle into your studies, or you just aren’t the world’s greatest test taker. Unfortunately, a lot of merit-based scholarship coordinators don’t look farther than your GPA before they throw your application in the trash. However, the seasonal campaign scholarships you’ll find through DoSomething and other charitable organizations aren’t based on grades.

Each campaign challenges students to do something good for their community and/or the world around them. Participants take pictures of their progress along the way during a set timeframe with specific instructions. Once the campaign is over, the organization backing it will tally up what each student has done and select the one who’s most deserving.

The Comeback Clothing Campaign

For example, DoSomething recently sponsored the Comeback Clothing campaign, aimed at recycling old and/or worn out clothes instead of sending them to landfills. Students didn’t just collect their own clothes for recycling; they went to local businesses and set up clothing drop-offs to help others recycle their clothes, too. Each student took pictures along their journey to save energy, water, and landfill space through proactive, creative steps and community involvement.

Old School Impact

Right now, DoSomething is running a seasonal campaign scholarship based on uniting young and old generations with the Old School Impact campaign. Students have ten opportunities to make a difference and earn a scholarship by doing things like:

  • Making a card and talking to your mother about the importance of regular mammograms to catch breast cancer early for the best treatment options.
  • Helping your dad get healthier this Father’s Day.
  • Performing a concert or hosting a dance class at a senior center.
  • Collecting soup and other canned goods for homebound senior citizens.
  • Building a relationship through storytelling with an older adult.
  • Recreating old pictures with awesome seniors you know.

You may have noticed that just about all of the activities are actually a lot of fun to perform. The same is true across the board with seasonal campaign scholarships. The point of each campaign is to make the world a better place through healthy relationships with each other and our environment. Students can gain a great number of valuable experiences and knowledge just by performing some of the rewarding tasks involved with each campaign. And the more you do, the better chance you’ll have of winning a scholarship.

Other past and present campaigns include:

  • School Insider – Participants gained a chance at winning this scholarship by helping new students adjust to life in their schools.
  • 1 in 3 of Us – This campaign works to help teens avoid and get out of abusive and unhealthy relationships.
  • Designated Texter – The more you advise your friends not to drink and drive, the safer everyone is. This campaign helps students build the courage to talk with their friends about drinking and driving.
  • Wildlife Cards – Sending thank-you cards to rangers who help protected endangered species could win you a college scholarship.
  • Custodian Care – Show your school custodian you care, and get a $3000 college scholarship!
  • Smiles for Soldiers – Sending letters of support to our soldiers overseas can bring smiles to their faces and greatly improve morale. It can also help you win a college scholarship.

Other Campaign Scholarships

You can also find similar campaign scholarships on social media. Instead of sending pictures, as you do with DoSomething campaigns, you can post a picture to Facebook that represents yourself and where you want to be in ten years. Give it the hashtag #FutureSelfie, and you could win a $3000 scholarship from Bankrate.com.

To qualify for Dr. Pepper’s Tuition Giveaway, just write about what you dream of achieving on Dr. Pepper’s Facebook page. Then get your friends and followers to “vote” by liking your post. Once you get 50 votes, you can submit a video to Dr. Pepper. The top five finalists not only get $5000 scholarships, but they also get a chance to win more cash for their college tuition in a throwing contest at a college football game.

There are a lot of opportunities available to all kinds of students. Find the seasonal campaign scholarship that fits you best, and go for it!

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