A teen mother in today’s world may have a hard time juggling everything. The responsibility of raising children takes precedence over things like continuing their education. In the United States, 34% of teen mothers become moms by age 20. These young mums are less likely to complete their high school education and are more likely to require welfare assistance. The Urban Institute states that America’s low-income working moms are struggling to make ends meet and are too often fraught with making choices between childcare, healthcare, housing, and food.

To top it off, many teen moms have to raise their kids by themselves with limited access to funds and opportunities, which makes it even harder to provide for themselves and their children. Luckily, there are scholarships available to help young moms receive a better education whether it is a trade school, community college, or prominent university. By applying for scholarships for teen moms, a young mother significantly increases her chances to rise above her situation and succeed.

What Are Scholarships for Teen Moms and How They Help?

Teen mom scholarships are available to teen moms who desire to continue their education and earn a degree. With college costs increasing, scholarships for teen moms are a blessing. Pell grants do not have to be repaid and are available to low-income students. Federally awarded aid is based mainly on financial need.

Teen moms can receive plenty of help in other areas as well. For example, finding adequate childcare is vital when trying to continue education. Many states provide childcare assistance programs that calculate monthly childcare payments based on the mother’s number of hours they attend school, work, or train. With the help of childcare assistance programs, a teen mom has a number of choices from a licensed childcare provider, school-based program provided by the state’s provider list, or a childcare center. These childcare help centers are a big plus for moms, as they know their child will receive nutritious food together with good care.

According to the Child-Care Group, childcare assistance programs provide a service for more than 14,000 impoverished families via state and local funding. In order to qualify, the young mother must:

– Be the main caregiver or parent to a child under 13 years of age
– Be employed or enrolled in a training program for a specific number of hours determined by their state
– Qualify as low-income in line with their state’s requirements

Teen Mom Scholarship Benefits

Teen single mothers depend on a number of government programs, public-housing, and Medicaid. Many of these mothers rarely finish high school and have no skills to help them in the workplace. Scholarships for teen moms are beneficial because they:

– Assist young mothers in need of furthering their education
– Relieves young moms of financial stresses linked to funding of higher education
– Motivate young mothers by offering not only funding, but assistance with childcare as well
– Help teen moms secure a better financial future for their families
– and more!

However, it must be conveyed that the chances of a teen mom living completely free of government programs are unlikely. In order to completely wean these young families from government aid, better access to education, daycare, and counseling assistance is required.

Finding Teen Mom Scholarships – The Application Process & Who Qualifies

The best way of finding and applying for scholarships geared towards teen moms is to fill out the Free Application for Federal-Student Aid form, known as FAFSA. Students applying for college aid will more than likely have to fill out this form; however, teen moms will specifically need to do so to setup the financial aid they receive, or the sum they require so that they can complete their higher education.

Filling out the FAFSA form may seem perplexing, as there is a lot of information required in order to complete it; specifically the tax-forms of the teen mom and her parents along with personal identification like an ID or state driver’s license. In the FAFSA form, the teen mom will be required to complete a plethora of questions about the her family, income, and any assets available to do a needs analysis and establish whether she is qualified for federal funds for college tuition. If a teen mother’s financial situation is urgent enough, she may not need a lot by the way of scholarships as there is plenty of federal aid ready for students who show extreme financial hardship.

Grades are also taken into consideration when teen moms win scholarship funds. However, it is vital not to forget that funding for teen mothers is frequently need-based, and not essentially dependent upon academic performance. However, decent grades may bring more notice to a young mother’s application, though it is not required for a teen mom seeking college funding. Teen moms looking to go back to school should also look into scholarships for women and grants for women.

7 Scholarships Available to Teen Moms

1. Cappex 2015/2016 College Scholarship: $1,000
Sponsored by Cappex Easy Money is a simple scholarship offered each month. No GPA or essay is required, just a Cappex profile and brief content about what the teen mom does in her free time.

2. Daniels Opportunity Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
The Boundless-Opportunity Scholarship program offers scholarship funding for non-traditional students, available at specific colleges and universities across Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado.

3. Diano-Tougas Memorial Scholarship Fund: $1,000
Scholarship funds helps deprived students or support a particular education proposal or scholarship fund at a school, university, or college.

4. Minnesota Child Care Grant: $2600
This Post-Secondary Child Care Grant Program assists low-income students with young children to pay for childcare while in school. Only for Minnesota residents.

5. Patsy Takemoto Mink-Education Foundation Scholarship: $2000
Teen mothers 17 and older are eligible for this scholarship.

6. Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (no amount provided)
Offers money for college tuition, books and domestic costs related to childcare in Arkansas.

7. The Denny’s Restaurant Corporation: $500 to $1500
Offers low-income Hispanic single teen parents scholarships that consist of free meals for their children at certain restaurants.

Search and Apply for Scholarships on ScholarshipChart.com

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