As you finish high school, prepare for the SATs, ACTs, and/or other standardized tests, and write college essays, you’re probably wondering how you’ll ever have time to apply for scholarships. Whether you’re good at writing college and scholarship application essays or not, chances are you don’t have a lot of time to spend writing dozens of them as you prepare for college.

A lot of students feel like they either have to sacrifice their schoolwork and college prep or they have to sacrifice their chances of getting funding for college. With so many essays to write, there’s just no time in the day for everything…unless you start applying for no-essay scholarships.

There are actually a lot of scholarships out there that don’t require you to list your extracurricular activities, hobbies, and grades. They don’t have long application processes, and they don’t require reference letters, either. Instead, they just require you to register, fill out a little bit of information, or browse through a website of colleges you might be interested in attending. Let’s take a look at a few of the no-essay scholarship opportunities available to you.

Save Time and Get College Funding With These Opportunities

$2000 “No Essay” College Scholarship – Like a lot of no-essay scholarships, this one is determined randomly through a drawing. To apply, you’ll just register with the site, giving them just a little bit of information about yourself but nothing personal or private. Then, once you’ve registered, you’ll log in and apply for the scholarship drawing. Drawings are conducted once a month, so you can apply every month throughout the year for a chance at funding for the next year.

$1000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship – Another random drawing-based scholarship, this one is from Cappex, a site dedicated to helping students find the colleges they want to attend and the funding they need to pay for their educations.

ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship – Just submit your name, email address, birth date, home address, and your current grade in school, and you’ll be registered to win a $10,000 scholarship.

Scholarships4WorkingAdults $10,000 gives away one $10,000 scholarship each month. All that you have to do is register with their website, check your email to confirm your registration, and you’ll be automatically in the running to win a scholarship that you can use toward your education.

Scholarships4Moms $10,000 Scholarship – Scholarship4Moms gives away $10,000 scholarships for moms each month and provides degree and program information to moms returning back to school. This website, dedicated to helping mothers further their educations, get back to work, and move their careers forward, gives away a $10,000 scholarship every month, and you could be a winner.

ScholarshipZone $10,000 Scholarship – ScholarshipZone is a website where you can enter to win a $10,000 scholarship and sign up to receive information on different colleges and scholarship programs.

CollegeXpress and Unigo also have similar $10,000 scholarships available to high school seniors and college students with the intention of attending college or university within the next 12 months. Each of these scholarship opportunities takes a maximum of two to five minutes to register. Then, once you’re registered you can just go back and hit “Apply” whenever the next scholarship opportunity arises, and most of these sites offer scholarships once a month. That gives you a lot of opportunities to put your name in the hat for a scholarship.

Look Out for Scams

Now, you might be wondering how legitimate these sites and scholarships are. First of all, you’ll notice that none of them will ask for any personal or sensitive information. They will not require you to enter your Social Security number, your income information, or your tax information.

They may ask for your SAT scores, your preferred major, the schools you are interested in attending, and/or your home address and phone number. These items are available through public records and cannot be used to hurt you or scam you. Instead, many of these sites will actually use the information you provide to send you info on schools and programs that may match your needs. You might find out about a program you would never have heard about just because you signed up for a chance to win a scholarship.

You can find a lot of no-essay scholarships online like these, but be wary. Do not trust random websites with your personal, private, or sensitive information. Do not supply any site with your Social Security number or income or tax information for you or your parents. Asking for this kind of information is a clear sign that you’ve found a scam. Close the browser window, clean out your cookies folder, and sweep your computer for malware. Do not give them any information.

Do Not Pay for Scholarship Opportunities

Likewise, you should never pay a site to “guarantee” you a scholarship. Often, a site running this kind of scam will ask you to pay $200-500 for their services. You’ll think that this seems fair since you’re guaranteed to get a scholarship. However, the scholarship they find for you will likely only be worth $100-200, not several thousand. In other words, paying for scholarship opportunities will almost certainly mean losing money on a bad deal.

Apply for No-Essay Scholarships as Often as Possible

With these things in mind, you can apply for several no-essay scholarships listed above each month without giving up time that you need to spend on your college applications and your high school homework. The more you apply, the better your chances are. Good luck!

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