Do you want to pursue a career in nursing? If you do, you’ll need to get a degree in nursing, and, unfortunately, that may end up being very expensive. Fortunately, however, there are nursing scholarships available for schools all over the country. You may be surprised at how much money you could be eligible to receive to aid your college fund and get you on the road to helping patients in your new career.

Applying for Government Grants

First of all, you’ll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you can demonstrate financial need, filling out the FAFSA will get you on track to receive a need-based government grant for assistance in funding your education. Especially if you are an independent student or if your parents do not make a lot of money, you could qualify for a Pell grant or FSEOG.

Even if you do not qualify for these grants, you will still most likely qualify for some assistance. Some of this assistance will come in the form of student loans, which you’ll have to pay back when you graduate. However, these are not your only options for funding your education.

While grants from the government (and private institutions) are generally awarded based on need and/or whether you can increase diversity on campus or you represent an underrepresented population in a certain field, you have other options. Scholarships, which are usually awarded by private corporations, organizations, and institutions, are usually awarded based on academic and leadership achievements rather than need.

What Are Scholarships for Nursing Majors?

Scholarships for nursing majors are given to people in your field and only people in your field. They are awarded to give outstanding students and leaders a better chance at completing their educations and becoming exceptional nurses and medical professionals.

Who Is Eligible?

If you are planning on attending a college or university for nursing in the next academic year, you are most likely eligible for a scholarship for nursing majors. Some of these scholarships have more stringent requirements than others, and some provide more financial assistance than others.

As you search for scholarships for nursing majors, you’ll want to read the requirements for each one carefully. If your GPA is not up to par or if you do not fit into a specific minority for a particular scholarship, don’t worry about it. Just skip that one and look at the next one. You’ll most likely find plenty of scholarships to apply for without wasting time on the ones you’re not eligible for.

Where Should You Look for Nursing Scholarships?

You can find scholarships for different majors, for specific minorities, and for particular schools by using a few different scholarship search engines. You may also want to pay a visit to your school’s financial aid office to see if you are eligible for any of the scholarships provided by your college. Websites that you can trust for great scholarship opportunities include the US Department of Labor’s scholarship search site and

When you search for scholarships on these sites, be sure to do keyword searches that apply to you. You can search for “nurses”, “nursing”, and/or “nursing majors”. You can also add other keywords that apply to you, as well, including things like, “African American”, “single mother”, “Hispanic”, etc. A few searches like this will yield a lot of great scholarships that you can apply for.

A Couple Available Nursing Scholarships

Among the nursing scholarships that you might want to consider, you’ll find:

AACN Scholarships – Provided by the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AACN), this scholarship ranges from $100-1000 and is open to members of the AACN currently enrolled in accredited nursing schools. Money from this scholarship can be put toward tuition, academic supplies, or books.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners – This scholarship varies from year to year but is always available to nursing students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher who are pursuing post-MS NP programs.

As you can see, just from this small sample, a lot of these nursing scholarships are very specific and are only available to certain programs, candidates, schools, and/or locations. You may want to search for your particular specialization when you search for scholarships in the field of nursing education. This could result in finding a small but lucrative scholarship program that caters to your specific studies.

The Application Process

Applying for nursing scholarships is a lot like applying for any other scholarships or financial aid. After you fill out FAFSA and find a few scholarships that you’re eligible for, write down their deadlines in your calendar. Then, based on their deadlines, set schedules for each one, complete with mini-deadlines and milestones to make sure that you spread the work of applying over a longer period of time.

Doing this will ensure that you don’t arrive a week before the deadline with a huge pile of paperwork to fill out and an essay to write. It will also give your teachers, counselors, or mentors time to write your letters of recommendation without rushing them. With more time, they’ll be more likely to write better letters that will reflect why you should be considered for the scholarships you’re applying for.

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