When you think of college scholarships, you probably think of generic scholarships for athletes and/or merit scholarships for subjects like biology, physics, engineering, and/or the arts, right? If your passion lies in fashion and retail-related fields, you might not think that there are a lot of fashion scholarships available to you, but you’d be wrong!

The fashion and retail industries are always in need of new talent, and there’s no better way to foster that talent than through education. Many fashion and retail corporations are offering incredible scholarships based on both merit and need. If you dream of creating unique and stylish clothing, opening your own boutique, or running marketing campaigns for the largest fashion houses and brands in the world, you owe it to yourself to take a look at your fashion scholarship options.

A Few Notable Retail and Fashion Scholarships

If any of the careers we just mentioned sound appealing to you, take a moment to peruse some of the notable retail and fashion scholarships available to students each year.

Nordstrom Scholarship Program – If you are a resident of and plan to attend school in a state with Nordstrom stores, you could qualify for a $2,500-10,000 fashion scholarship from this high-end department store. To qualify, you just need to be a high school junior with a 2.7 or higher GPA and the intention to attend a four-year college once you graduate from high school.

Ruth Whitney Scholarship from Glamour Magazine – If you’re more interested in the communications and marketing side of fashion and retail, this fashion scholarship (usually in amounts of $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000) might be right for you. It’s open to students in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania who maintain a 3.2 or higher GPA.

FIDM National Scholarship Competition – Every year the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising holds a scholarship competition for high school seniors and college freshmen. The winner of the scholarship receives 100% tuition coverage at FIDM.

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund – Scholarships from this fund range from $5,000 to $30,000. YMA is dedicated to bringing up new talent in the fashion world and helping creative young people make their mark through fashion.

How to Find More Retail and Fashion Scholarships

These prestigious retail and fashion scholarships are not the only ones you’ll find online, by far. In fact, you can find hundreds and even thousands of other scholarships that you qualify for when you search through a few respected scholarship and grant databases. Start your search by going to ScholarshipChart.com At this site, you’ll be able to enter keyword searches to help you find exactly the kind of retail and/or fashion scholarships you’re looking for.

Additionally, you may also want to do some more searching on your own, both on and offline. Google your favorite brands and/or retailers along with the word “scholarship”, and you might be surprised how many of them sponsor amazing scholarships and grants for students like you. Your favorite brand might just fund your college career.

In addition to “Googling” and searching through ScholarshipChart.com, don’t be afraid to approach related companies offline. Do you know anyone who works for a fashion and/or retail-related company? If you have a personal contact with a company in the industry you’d like to enter, talk to them about any scholarship opportunities their company may have or may be interested in creating.

Even if you do not have a personal contact within the company, don’t hesitate to write to them with your proposal for a fashion scholarship or grant. If you do this, you may want to also send a sample of your work or a link to your online portfolio to show your potential.

Applying for Retail and Fashion Scholarships

Whether you’re proposing a new scholarship to a company in your area or you’re applying for an existing scholarship, most scholarship applications will have the same basic requisites. You’ll need to show that you are articulate and passionate about the field you’re entering with an essay or personal statement. You’ll need a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor that showcases your work ethic, and you’ll need evidence of your portfolio thus far.

For recommendations and portfolio showcasing, you’ll want to start especially early in the application process. Give teachers and mentors plenty of time to craft a good letter that really represents you well, and take the time to gather all necessary supplies and to find someone who can take quality pictures of your work. If you start early and work diligently, you’ll have everything done before deadline, and you won’t be rushed at the end. Good luck!

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