Scholarship4Moms gives away $10,000 scholarships for moms each month and provides degree and program information to moms returning back to school.

Not all college scholarships require you to write essays or get someone to write a letter of recommendation for them. In fact, applying for some college scholarships is actually as easy as registering with a site like This website, dedicated to helping mothers further their educations, get back to work, and move their careers forward, gives away a $10,000 scholarship every month, and you could be a winner.

How to Register

When you visit, you’ll be prompted to register for the site. Here, you’ll simply enter your first and last name, email address, postal address, home phone number, gender, education level, military status, and date of birth. Then you’ll be prompted to confirm that you are a legal US citizen or permanent resident and that you agree to the official rules and privacy policy. Finally, you’ll just press “Register”, and you’ll be in the running to receive a $10,000 scholarship within the next month.

Once you register, you’ll be taken to a page where you can request information from the schools and institutes that Scholarships4Moms partners with. You do not have to request information from any of these schools if you are not interested in the programs that they offer. However, it’s probably a good idea to at least peruse their classes and programs. You might be surprised at some of the degrees you can get online or at a campus near you.

If you’re not interested in getting information from one school or another, you can just hit, “Skip School” and move on to the next. You can also click away to go pursue other scholarship opportunities, as well. However, make sure that you check your email and confirm your account, or you won’t be able to win the scholarship money.

Why You Should Register

While this is a lottery-style scholarship and is really based on luck more than academic merit or achievements, it’s still a very good idea. Unlike playing the lottery, it doesn’t cost you a single penny to register for a scholarship from Scholarships4Moms.

As a mother, you’re no doubt low on free time and energy. This organization knows that you’re trying your best to provide for your family and that you need as much help as you can get financially. They also understand that sometimes you only have a few minutes (or seconds!) to steal between work, picking the kids up from school, cooking dinner, and all of the other things you have to do every single day.

Applying for scholarships that require you to put in a lot of time and effort might seem like a lost cause some days, but finding college funding is always worthwhile. Now, we’re definitely not saying that you shouldn’t apply for those other, more time- and energy-intensive scholarships. You absolutely should, but you can also apply for scholarships like these that won’t take up much of your time at all and that could boost your college fund by $10,000 with a simple registration.

What Can You Spend the Scholarship Money On?

Now, you’re probably wondering if you have to spend your scholarship money on the schools that Scholarships4Moms showcases. Absolutely not. You can spend this money on any educational pursuit you choose.

Winners are chosen every month and notified by phone directly instead of through email or any other channels. You can trust Scholarships4Moms with your contact information, as they will only use it to send you info on the colleges you’re interested in or to tell you that you’re a lucky winner.

As this is a scholarship and not a loan, you will never have to worry about paying back the $10,000 Scholarships4Moms money. Just use it to pay for your tuition, fees, books, and/or to put away toward your kids’ college funds. All mothers who are 18 years old or older are eligible to win, so long as they are US citizens or permanent residents.

What are you waiting for? We’d be willing to bet you’ve spent more time filling out the documents to renew your driver’s license than you’ll spend on registering to win this scholarship. Registration is fast and easy, and confirmation requires nothing more than a quick click.

You can find out when the next drawing is and when to watch your phone for incoming calls on the website’s FAQ page, or check out previous winners and what they’ve done with their scholarships on the Winners page. There is no obligation or cost involved with this scholarship, just an opportunity to advance your education and your career to help provide for your family.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t apply for scholarships that require essays and recommendation letters. Rather, we’re recommending that you apply for ALL types of scholarships including scholarships for moms and grants for moms as well as the no-essay scholarships like the ones that Scholarship4Moms offers. Another no-essay scholarship that you can look into if you are an adult going back to school is Scholarship4WorkingAdults.

The more scholarships you apply for, the more likely you will be to get them. The more information you have on affordable colleges and programs and how to apply for them, the more successful you’ll be at getting into school and continuing your education. With a combination of this kind of scholarship and scholarships awarded based on academic merit, you’ll be set to find funding opportunities everywhere for your college career.

Go ahead and register for a $10,000 scholarship from Scholarship4Moms now!

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