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$10,000 Scholarship. If you're headed back to school, completing your degree or still paying off your student loans, this $10,000 scholarship can help you pay your educational expenses.
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Scholarships for Moms is awarding a $10,000 Scholarship. Balancing life and family with your career can be overwhelming. Give yourself the tools you need to go back to school and become financially independent.
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You may qualify for a $10,000 scholarship. Balancing life, family, and your career can be overwhelming. Give yourself the tools you need to go back to school and take control of your future
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what recent scholarship recipients are saying

...I don't have to worry about The first year of school and I can't thank them enough. Because of their generous scholarship, I can rest easy knowing I can last another year without worry...
Alexis GrahamFORT MYERS, FL
...When I got the call I couldn't believe it I was in so much shock that wasn't excited at all. It's not everyday that you win 10k for school so when It happened I didn't know what to feel. I was just really thankful...
Jasmin De JesusNEW YORK, NY
...I didn't think it was possible to go back after my loans went into default even if I tried but I ran into this page and applied and won I'm so happy I can finish schooling and better my future for me and my kids...
Andrea TolesCANTON, OH

Finding Free Money to Pay for College

File Your FAFSA

The FAFSA helps the government determine how much aid you might be eligible to receive in federal funding. Once you are approved for federal aid, you'll also get information on some scholarships that you'll be eligible for, as well.

Stay Organized

If you stay organized, you can streamline the whole application process. Get a binder or dedicate a section of a filing cabinet in your home office to scholarship information.

Start your Scholarship Search

Start your Scholarship Search on We make finding scholarships easier and faster than ever. Once you've found a few scholarships that you want to apply for, set up a schedule for yourself and keep track of your deadlines.

Get Quality Letters of Recommendation

Think about who should write your letter(s) of recommendation. A teacher, professor, or guidance counselor will have the academic experience and knowledge to write a good scholarship recommendation letter

Write a Great Essay

Don't skimp on the essay or personal statement section. If you choose a topic that you're passionate about, your essay will set you apart and really give your application some personality.

Send a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope

If you're mailing your application(s), always send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your application documents. Don\’t forget to make copies of all of the documents you send and keep them in your scholarships binder. You should also pay any extra fees to make sure that you can track your application package

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Scholarships for Women

If you're like so many women these days, you're probably concerned about how you'll pay for your education. Whether you're still in high school and just beginning to look at colleges and universities or you're considering going back to school after several years, you should be looking into scholarships for women and how they can help you…

Education Grants for Minorities

So, what are grants for minority students? And how do they differ from scholarships or loans? Basically, student loans consist of college funding assistance made up of borrowed money that you'll have to pay back with interest. On the other hand, both scholarships and grants are available to eligible students…

Scholarships for African Americans

While some college scholarships for African Americans require you to meet a certain GPA, others will may you to demonstrate a certain level of need. Each of these scholarships is designed, in some way, to bring African American college students up and to spread diversity to college campuses across the country…

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